Fans of Stephen King’s ‘It‘ seems to have a lot more to look forward to than those of ‘The Dark Tower’ and we’ve got three new teasers that show just that! Pennywise is front and center in one of these which shows exactly what a perfect casting choice they made with him. The other two have the Loser’s Club being showcased and are characters which we’ll all enjoy seeing.

First up we learn that “This Town Is Cursed” which is putting the Loser’s Club talking about what they’ve come across so far in Derry. Clearly, Pennywise is behind all of this. There is a key change here though as Mike Hanlon is already with the Club instead of showing up after the fight with Henry Bowers’ gang.

Next up Pennywise just wants Georgie to “Take It” which is something we’ve seen a longer version of this scene so far. Still, this one is showing Pennywise is as creepy as fans want him to be.

Finally, Eddie Kaspbrak makes sure to let us know that “I Don’t Want to Go Missing Either” when trying to avoid going into the sewer with his friends to find Georgie.

I have the same kind of excitement for this as I did for the release of ‘Stranger Things.’ While the first adaptation was a miniseries, this still could be viewed as a reboot, and I have to say I was wary when it was announced. All fears and annoyances of reboots have been washed away for this one though with each new teaser and trailer that has been released.

Are you looking forward to this Fall’s release of ‘It’? Which of these three new trailers is your favorite? Do you think that this take on the most feared clown in history will be able to do Tim Curry’s take on it justice? Share your thoughts below!