Fresh on the heels of their release of ‘The Defenders,’ Netflix has spun up the PR machine for their ‘Punisher’ series which we think is still coming out this fall (most likely November) with a clever new campaign which has been posting a lot on Twitter in recent days.

First, they released 13 different Tweets from The Punisher Twitter account, all in Morse code, which of course could mean anything, especially since one of them translates to “3am” which is when Netflix usually drops their shows for streaming when they premiere, but most likely was a clever way of releasing what the names of the 13 episodes of ‘Punisher’ Season 1 are going to be. According to the Morse code translations over at Cinemablend, here’s what the episode titles for Season 1 could look like:

“Ep. 1: 3 AM
Ep. 2: Two Dead Men
Ep. 3: Kandahar
Ep. 4: Resupply
Ep. 5: Gunner
Ep. 6: The Judas Goat
Ep. 7: Crosshairs
Ep. 8: Cold Steel
Ep. 9: Front Toward Enemy
Ep. 10: Virtue of the Vicious
Ep. 11: Danger Close
Ep. 12: Home
Ep. 13: Memento Mori”

And to keep the excitement going, Netflix then released a new trailer for ‘Punisher,’ which is a little light on footage, though it does showcase a lot of prominent characters from the life of Frank Castle in the Netflix world, including Frank’s US Special Forces buddy Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), Frank’s journalist ally from ‘Daredevil’ Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), CIA head honcho Rawlins (Paul Schulze) who apparently knew Frank when they served in Afghanistan, Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani (Amber Rose) who is after Frank for his vigilante actions, and lastly, Frank’s friend Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) who has a history with the NSA and may be willing to help Frank in his crusade. The trailer has all of their faces combine to make up Frank’s face, right before we see a distorted screen with the premiere date, which is obscured as Netflix still does not want to let us know when the series is coming out. Check it out for yourself below:

What do you think of the new trailer and Netflix’s secrecy involving the premiere date? Do you agree the 13 tweets are most likely the episode names for Season 1? If so, what do those titles suggest for the season? Shares your thoughts and theories in the comments below!