Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s another DCEU re-write as Jon Spaihts (‘Doctor Strange’) is reworking the ‘Justice League Dark‘ Script! Having already done an amazing job with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first introduction to magic it only makes sense that he is who DC reached out to. Hopefully, he can provide a solid script for whoever ends up directing as Warner Brothers is still working on replacing Doug Liman who had left the film. Liman is the second director to have backed out after Guillermo del Toro had initially departed from the production.

According to Variety’s Justin Kroll:

After that tweet, The Hashtag Show then confirmed the news that Spaihts would be scribing the rewrite.

Fans of ‘Doctor Strange’ should be thrilled at the news though the film has met with mixed reviews so this could be a bad fit for some. We’ll see what his vision is soon enough and hopefully Warner Brothers will decide on Damián Szifron or Andy Muschietti (‘It’) as the film’s director so it can start moving forward. This has always been one of the more interesting projects that could come to the big screen from the DCEU and I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up outside of the current canon like that Joker origin story which is in the works.

When the film was initially in talks to be created there was even word that both Ewan McGregor and Colin Farell were in the running to play the new iteration of Constantine though that was a couple years ago and prior to most of the DCEU films falling short of Warner Brother’s expectations. Hopefully, the success of ‘Wonder Woman’ will have the studio now heading in the right direction.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Justice League Dark’ has Jon Spaihts working on the script or do you think that another re-write is bad news for an already delayed film? Share your thoughts below!