Exorcist Season 2

If you’ve been wondering where the second season of Fox’s ‘The Exorcist‘ was planning on venturing then you’ll be happy to hear that showrunner Jeremy Slater has dropped a major clue. He has revealed the source of their inspiration for working on the series going forward and thankfully it has nothing to do with that Godawful ‘Exorcist II: The Heretic’ or either of the sub-par prequels ‘Exorcist: The Beginning’ or ‘Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist.’ That being said, it’ll at least be the third season before they venture into entirely new territory as the second season will be inspired by ‘The Exorcist III,’ which is the only sequel to the franchise which most fans can get behind.

As the first season of this horror series has been enjoyable, it should prove to be interesting in what route they go with their new source material. Honestly, with the third season likely being completely new ground, this will probably be the test as to how the series does going forward as fans will likely be returning for at least this outing.

When talking about the second season, Slater stated that:

“There’s a moment from The Exorcist III that every horror fan knows and loves. We’re looking into how we can get that moment in our show this year. It involves a hospital. It’s the single best jump scare in horror movie history aside from Ben Gardner’s head coming out of the boat in Jaws. Also, I love the idea of a demonic serial killer. We’re not exactly doing the Gemini Killer (Brad Dourif) this year with the new demon. But, I think you are going to see that this demon has a pattern and a methodology. It’s a boogeyman throughout history that has claimed a lot of notches on its belt. It’s nowhere closer to being finished.”

As the first season really didn’t have a focus on jump scares this will be not only a great tribute to the film but something that audiences familiar with the films might not be expecting.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘The Exorcist’? Think they’ll be able to pull off that hospital scene in the same way that the movie did? Share your thoughts below!