The Tick

Amazon pulled out all the stops at San Diego Comic Con to prepare audiences for ‘The Tick‘ series, which is premiering next month on their streaming services. I was lucky enough to get to visit ‘The Tick’ Takeover Experience early and see everything they had planned for the fans who were sure to visit the giant outdoor setting for the event.

Upon first getting into the shaded lounge, which was a welcome respite from sun blaring down on Comic Con, they handed everyone a Tick hat complete with antenna (my favorite headgear for the week), and a pair of headphones, so we could watch the pilot episode of the series which was airing in the lounge while we waited for the experience to begin. We also receive RFID wristbands which we could use to fill out an informal survey letting them know our favorite Tick quote, shirt size, and position of the antenna, all of which would be used to create our custom T-Shirts to be given out at the end of the activities.

Following the lounge, we were taken to the next section, where we could control the giant Tick antenna (pictured above), and be prepared for the next room, which was going to be a scavenger hunt activity where we would be looking for clues and evidence to help the Tick and Arthur bring down the bad guys. Upon entering the detailed rooms where the hunt would begin, they explained that every clue would have a reader nearby to scan our RFID wristbands with, marking which clues we found, as we would be tallied individually and judged at the end, to see who was the greatest hero among us. The hunt began

The hunt began after an introduction video from Arthur, who said he and The Tick would keep the villains busy while we searched their hideout. It was cool seeing an actor from the show in a video made specifically for the Comic Con experience. The rooms were mildly fun, as the evidence was hidden all over the place, behind curtains, inside books and drawers, etc, and we were on a time limit as we made our way through each of the two rooms, so everyone was definitely in a hurry to complete the challenge.

At the end, you scanned your wristband one last time to see your results, and then had your picture taken on a greenscreen doing a heroic pose, and were emailed a pretty cool picture of yourself jumping over a building. Lastly, they handed out your custom T-Shirts and swag-bags, including a Tick iPhone case and another pair of antenna, all of which seemed very generous.

All in all, ‘The Tick’ Takeover Experience was one of the highlights of Comic Con this year for me, and I think anyone who came out of it would agree Amazon did a really good job with the promotion. It hinted at the villains and plotlines of the series without giving too much away, had just enough goofy humor and Tick lines to satisfy die hard fans, and felt like you were truly given an experience worthy of ‘The Tick.’ If they come back next year to Comic Con, I’ll be back, and I will definitely be checking out the series when it premieres on August 25th!