cable deadpool 2

We’ve heard that some of Cable‘s convoluted past wouldn’t be covered in ‘Deadpool 2‘ but Ryan Reynolds does say that “it is possible” we’ll see at least the time travel part covered.

Reynolds, of course, doesn’t share how much time travel will be involved in the film. Could this open up a way to bring X-23 into the past after her success in ‘Logan‘ or will this be something that is only used once to strand Cable in modern times?

In a recent interview while Reynolds was sitting down to promote ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ the actor was asked if there would be any actual time travel in the film and he responded with:

“It is possible. Your answers will all be, they’ll be soon. They’ll be coming soon.”

That doesn’t specifically zero in on as to if we’ll be seeing it or hearing about it. There was previously a confirmation that Cable would be coming from the future but anything beyond that hasn’t been shared yet. There is no word if this will just be included in Cable’s origin or actually play a part of the film. I’m truly hoping that it is only used to bring Cable into the present and at the very end of the film to lead into future movies. I’d rather not see time travel used as a deus ex machina to save the day at the end of the film with everyone seeming to be in an unwinnable situation.

Obviously, Reynolds wouldn’t want to give away too many actual details as ‘Deadpool 2’ is still filming and far from being able to release a proper trailer, let alone solid details about the plot.

Do you think that we’ll see time travel shown off in ‘Deadpool 2’ outside of Cable appearing in modern times or will it only be casually referenced? Will Wade Wilson break the fourth wall and talk about how ridiculous the concept is? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Cable will bodyslide into ‘Deadpool 2’ on June 1st, 2018!