The Aeronauts
Amazon Studios

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are soaring to new heights in Amazon’s upcoming historical action-drama ‘The Aeronauts’.  Ahead of the Tom Harper film’s expected debut at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend, Amazon has unleashed the first thrilling trailer.  The film was partially shot in IMAX and the sweeping nature is evident in this clip.  Following that premiere, ‘The Aeronauts’ is expected to screen at the Telluride Film Festival in Canada.  The film will not be released for the masses until December.

Redmayne plays meteorologist James Glaisher, who looks to the skies in an effort to further his science.  In reality, Glaisher was accompanied on his aerial journey by Henry Coxwell, but for the film, Jones’ character Amelia Wren, a forward-thinking woman replaces him.


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“The movie charts the pair’s dangerous mission to study the earth’s natural patterns from the sky as they attempt to travel higher than any human before them in a massive hot air balloon — an event Wren clearly wants to publicize as a meeting of science and spectacle to generate interest their work, while the no-nonsense Glaishier anchors his approach in curmudgeonly determination.”

Amazon expects this to be an awards contender, and it just might be.  Redmayne won a Best Actor Academy Award for the film ‘The Theory of Everything’, which co-starred Jones, who was recognized with a Best Actress nomination.  In fact, Amazon vacated its October theatrical release for ‘The Aeronauts’ to move it into December, closer to when voting bodies begin nominating projects.  In doing so, Amazon gave up its shot at screening ‘The Aeronauts’ in IMAX, despite filming parts of it with IMAX cameras.

‘The Aeronauts’ will receive a theatrical release on December 6, before arriving on Amazon Prime Video on December 20.  Amazon hopes that when families gather for the holidays, they will pop this thrilling historical adventure on the TV.

Watch the new trailer for yourself below:

In addition, Amazon released a new poster:


Source: Entertainment Weekly