last jedi carrie fisher

As we draw closer to the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ the next film in the illustrious sci-fi franchise’s career, the stars and creative team behind the movie are starting to pen up more and more about the challenges and rewards surrounding the creation of the next chapter in the Star Wars cinematic story.

In a recent interview, John Boyega – who portrays former Stormtrooper turned Rebel Finn – spoke about the unique challenge of the creation of the film set in the backdrop of Carrie Fisher’s passing.  Fisher, of course, has played iconic character Princess Leia throughout the original trilogy along with the new films, so of course she was mentioned when Boyega began talking about the vibe of the new film and Finn’s role:

“The Force Awakens was a great foundation, and now we’re about to build a big house. [‘The Last Jedi’ is] very physical. Finn is much more active and involved in the fight, which is something that I really wanted.

I think the sendoff [for Carrie Fisher] is really cool. Even before she passed away, I’d see her in scenes and be like, ‘This is really cool for both Carrie and Mark, who are the last two original leads [alive in the franchise]. I felt like they deserve more and more — they’ve been doing this for a while and have been the beating heart of something special, and I just feel like [‘The Last Jedi’] pays homage to them in general. But unfortunately, now that she’s passed, it does have a deeper meaning. I think the fans are going to appreciate that.”

Fortunately for fans, they don’t have long to wait to see the finished product come to the big screen!

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ premieres in American theaters on December 15, 2017.