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It seems that even the star and director of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ don’t know the answer to what is possibly the new trilogy’s biggest mystery: who are Rey’s parents?  Filmgoers witnessed a young Rey being abandoned on the desert planet Jakku.  Obviously, her folks aren’t some random, never-before-seen nobodies.  But fan theories have run all over the galaxy far, far away.  There have been hints that there is some connection between Rey and Kylo Ren (né Ben Solo), so some have jumped to the conclusion that somehow they are long-lost brothers and sister.  But that implication could be a red herring.  And the most common assumption is that she is actually the daughter of the man she first encounters at the end of ‘The Force Awakens’, Luke Skywalker.

For her part, Daisy Ridley‘s favorite speculations involve immaculate conception and/or time travel.  But what is the truth?

Obviously, Ridley won’t spill… but does she even know?  “I thought what I was told in the beginning is what it is.”  She is referencing what ‘The Force Awakens” mastermind J.J. Abrams told her when she first took on the role of Rey.

However, when Rian Johnson succeeded Abrams, directing the sequel, he says:

“I wasn’t given any directive as to what that had to be.  I was never given the information that she is this or she is that.”

It’s not even clear whether that answer will come in ‘The Last Jedi’.  If it follows the pattern of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, it could, since that was the movie in which Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father.  Then again, the original trilogy didn’t reveal that Luke and Leia were siblings until ‘Return of the Jedi’.  Abrams and company could hold the juiciest secret for the final chapter.

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Source: Rolling Stone