Director Ryan Murphy might have to make Sarah Paulson drink the kool aid as she’s just dropped a major spoiler when it comes to ‘American Horror Story: Cult‘. Details on this FX horror anthology series are all kept tightly under wraps, but the actress has given a big tease about what we can expect at the recent Television Critics Association‘s press tour. She’s speaking a bit about a set that the media had just visited and this Emmy-winning actress had the following to say:

“There are two women married to each other in that house, but who are they? It’s me and Alison.”

At this time she pointed to both herself and fellow cast member Alison Pill before she quickly stated that “That may or may not be true” as Pill wore a look of shock on her face.

We know that Paulson is set to play Ally Mayfair-Richards and Pill is portraying Ivy Mayfair-Richards. It sounds like these last names will be through marriage and not from being relatives. We haven’t been shown too much of the pair, but the character of Ivy has been seen with a knife butchering something in one of the posters. As a butcher’s shop has been teased in set photos, you could guess that she is a butcher by trade but with this being ‘American Horror Story’ really have to ask what, or who, she is butchering.

Pill changed the subject and added that:

“We’ve known each other for a long time and have never had a chance to work together, so it really is the most exciting to have all of these scenes with the person who I couldn’t respect more and who is so good at acting.”

As to what the season is about? We still don’t know though executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall did push against the original election cycle coverage by stating:

“I would say honestly that when Ryan had made the announcement originally that the season would deal with Trump, it’s more about what’s going on in the world around us. We talk about the streak of paranoia, and a lot of it launches from that. It’s not what you think it is. As with all good horror and suspense, knowing less is so much more. But it’s an element in our launch point.

Sadly, we won’t know what is going on until ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ airs on September 5th, 2017 on FX. We’re under a month away at the very least!

Are you looking forward to ‘American Horror Story: Cult’? What are your thoughts on Paulson and Pill being married on the show? As always, let us know in the comment section below!