After the release of the amazing remake of ‘Evil Dead’ from up and coming director Fede Alvarez, there was much speculation about sequels. Not only were there talks of continuing the story from the remake, but there was also talk of the originators of the franchise getting back in the saddle to create ‘Evil Dead 4’ or ‘Army of Darkness 2’. But in a recent interview, series star Bruce Campbell has called everything that’s out there about Sam Raimi resurrecting Ash Williams’ original tale “speculation and bullsh*t”.

While speaking to Digital Spy about all things ‘Evil Dead’, Campbell revealed that there was no truth to the Raimi-helmed sequel rumors until fairly recently, so there’s nothing set in stone in terms of plots, characters, and so on. Here’s what he reveals in the interview:

“We were not seriously talking about another ‘Army of Darkness’ until about six months ago. Now we’re actually talking about it and Sam is going to have a whack at it with his brother (Ted Raimi) this summer. That’s what he’s threatening to do. But this has been threatened before.

There is no storyline. There’s zero storyline. There’s nothing, no ideas, there are random thoughts on a couple of snaps of paper, napkins and menus. Beyond that, this is a story that has to be pulled out of Sam’s brain.”

Not only is he quelling the sequel rumors right now, but he also touches on the possibility of a crossover between Alvarez’s film and Raimi’s films:

“I think Sam’s going to be pretty proprietary about who goes into what universe. Nobody ever knows, even us discussing it causes problems because then people will go, ‘Oh, they talked about merging it’.”

The cult movie icon certainly gets his point across. There’s nothing concrete about the future of the original ‘Evil Dead’ at this point, but I’d assume that because of the popularity of this new film, someone would push them to revisit it somehow, even though Campbell doesn’t sound like he thinks that it’ll happen.

Would you like to see Ash wield a boomstick once again in another ‘Evil Dead’ movie from Sam Raimi? How would you feel about the original trilogy crossing over into the world of the new film? Share your thoughts in the comments below.