Constance fans, rejoice! Our favorite character will return for the second season of American Horror Story, to premiere this fall on FX. In an exclusive with EW, creator Ryan Murphy has promised us Lange will not be returning as Constance Langdon, but as someone entirely different. We already know that the scene will change, does the evil one become the good one this year?

After this year’s season finale, there was talk if any of the cast would be returning for Season 2. With Lange winning the Golden Globe for her performance, it seemed to seal the deal that she would return. Murphy says, “We have designed the second season of American Horror Story completely around her character… Last year Jessica came in with Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. This will really be the Jessica Lange show so I’m very excited about it. We are designing this amazing new opposite of the Constance character for her. She and I have spoken about different things. She has a lot of ideas, and has a lot of input into her character. She told me some things she has always wanted to play as an actress. She’s a great collaborator and a great friend.” He continues “I really sweated this negotiation, so I’m glad she is firmly on board.”

Murphy also promised the return of 3 cast members from Season 1. We should get more news on the returning 3 cast members tomorrow, which of course we will be sure to update everyone.

Murphy was quoted 3 weeks ago saying “in negotiations with four of the people who were on last year’s show, and none of them were the Harmons”, so that counts out Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. Also, several of the previous cast members have found jobs with new shows/movies; Frances Conroy in ‘Beautiful People’, Taissa Farmiga in ‘The Bling Ring’ and ‘Jamesey Boy’, Evan Peters in ‘Adult World’ and Zachary Quinto as Spock in ‘Star Trek 2’.

So who do you think is coming back?