There hasn’t appeared to be much bad blood between Ron Perlman (‘Sons of Anarchy’) and the cast and crew of ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen‘ though the actor has just made it clear that he won’t be making a cameo in it. Specifically, Perlman has stated that a cameo would happen “When Hellboy freezes over.” So unless he’s playing with words and plans on being some kind of ice demon who freezes the new Right Hand of Doom, a cameo isn’t going to happen. I’m also just grasping at straws here since I’m pretty sure we can all tell from this that he has no plans on making an appearance.

Perlman made the comment after a fan on Twitter asked if he would be making a cameo in the reboot film:

This isn’t to say Perlman isn’t against the new films happening as he has previously expressed disinterest in reprising the role of Hellboy. It could be that Perlman might just be against making cameos in reboots. It’s hard to tell and easy to overly read into things from a single Tweet.

While it is sad that we won’t have him as any sort of a tie-in to the films which Guillermo del Toro put out, the idea of starting fresh in Mike Mignola’s world probably would make a cameo a bad idea. It could potentially take fans out of the moment and director Neil Marshall (‘The Descent’) already has enough challenges ahead of him for those who won’t want to accept David Harbour (‘Stranger Things’) as Hellboy.

As much as I loved Perlman in the role, if this is going to kick off a new cinematic universe or even just Hellboy franchise it would be best for it to be able to stand on its own.

Are you sad that Ron Perlman won’t be making a cameo in ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’ or is this the best option for the film? Share your thoughts below!