Snow White must be the fairest one of all as she is getting another movie variation of her story! Looks like Disney is adding to the Snow White love by moving forward with their version called ‘Order of Seven’ and is in negotiations with Saoirse Ronan to play the lead role .

Ronan made headlines when she received an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress as Briony Tallis in the movie ‘Atonement.’ She has since starred in ‘The Lovely Bones’ and the action packed ‘Hanna’ where she played a ruthless teen assassin. She is set to start filming this spring on ‘The Host,’  a movie based on the book of the same name from ‘Twilight’s’ author Stephanie Meyer.

‘Order of Seven’ is about a collection of jaded outlaws in the 19th century who were once part of an old and revered group called the Order of Warriors. When Olivia Sinclair, a British expatriot living in Hong Kong, requires protection from the evil empress, the outlaws help her in her plight while she in turn helps the outlaws return to their former noble ways.

Disney has had the movie script for ‘Order of Seven’ for about a decade now. It was originally titled ‘Snow and the Seven’ and was penned by Michael Chabon (‘John Carter’, ‘Spiderman 2’). It had included an evil stepmother and a magical mirror. The movie was to be directed by Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’, ‘Touch’) and Natalie Portman was attached to play the lead. Portman has since aged out of the role which is now being offered to Ronan.

With ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ making it to theaters this year, Disney decided to change the movie up a bit. The film now has less Snow White and a lot more kung-fu action thanks to the revisions of Jayson Rothwell and Michael DeBruyn. Lawrence is also out of the picture being replaced now by commercials director Michael Gracey. Disney is hoping to boost the international appeal of the movie by casting the roles of the warriors with well-known stars from China, Russia and Japan.

Hopefully by the time this movie is released sometime in 2013 (according to IMDB), the public won’t be sick of Snow White. After all, she’s currently featured on TV in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ has 2 movies hitting the big screen this year as well as a direct to DVD horror film (‘Snow White:  A Deadly Summer‘) that will be released sometime in the spring. Although ‘Order of Seven’ seems reminiscent of the movie ‘Seven Samurai,’ I’m willing to give this one a chance. What about you?

Source: THR