game of thrones

There is a lot to be said about prophecy on ‘Game of Thrones,’ especially after Episode 2 of Season 7 which had long-time skeptic The Hound staring into the flames and seeing a vision of the White Walkers invading from the North. Hence it should be no surprise to see the cast of the hit HBO show in the real world sitting down with a magic 8-Ball (in the form of a dragon egg, which looks awesome. Where can I get one?) to ask about the fate of their characters, and where the story is going in the final 2 seasons. Check it out for yourself below!



The best parts of the video? Has to be Nikolaj Coster-Waldau “thinking” his questions into the dragon egg while Gwendoline Christie chastises him for not asking them out loud, followed by Kit Harrington asking the dragon egg if “Sansa was the most irritating person on ‘Game of Thrones.'” I laughed and wondered if he would have asked that question if Sophie Turner had been on set for the dragon egg event. I loved how many of them asked if their character would end up on the Iron Throne only to be told either “ask again later” or a straight up “no,” though not as many asked and/or got a straight answer about whether their characters would live as I would have thought. I also thought it was interesting seeing Coster Waldau and Christie paired up for this video, as their characters have not shared screen time together for a few seasons now, and in the books they spent a lot more time together and foreshadowed some kind of relationship, even if it does come mostly from Brienne developing feelings for Jamie. I wonder if this may be a hint that the two may meet up again in the near future on the show…

Anyways, definitely a fun video, and kind of cool seeing so many of the actors out of costume and looking like real people, I know it took me a moment to recognize Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) as he looks way different in real life, especially with a full head of hair. Make to sure to check it out, and comment below any thoughts or musings you may have had while watching. And we’ll see you back here next week for our review of Episode 4!

Source: Mashable