Pennywise IT

The cinematic take of Stephen King’s ‘It‘ continues to look as if we’re getting a horror film that does the novel justice and the latest international trailer includes a chase sequence that fans will instantly recognize. Director Andrés Muschietti has been showing a strong love for the source material and trying to include many scenes which didn’t quite make it into the mini-series. Or, not done proper justice in it such as a certain sewer scene. This new TV spot shows off hints at one of the better sequences from the novel and one that we’ve already seen hints at in another trailer.

You can check out the new footage from the teaser below!


I’m not going to lie that I was completely on the fence when hearing about a new take on this film. Sure, the miniseries didn’t age well outside of Tim Curry’s still horrifying portrayal of Pennywise, but I think we might just a version of the film that will stand the test of time. Previews always show the best parts these days but it looks like Muschietti is actually getting down the tone of the book. If nothing else, we should have a fun horror movie on our hands which will hopefully lead into the sequel being developed as long as this one ends up as good as the previews have been.

Did you enjoy the latest TV spot for ‘It’? What are your thoughts from the previews of the film so far?