The Runnaways

Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb has dropped a massive bomb by letting us know that Hulu’s ‘Runaways‘ will be in the same universe as all of the other Netflix shows. While the ABC shows such as ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, the upcoming ‘Inhumans’, and the cancelled ‘Agent Carter’ all spun off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Netflix shows have addressed it, they’ve all kind of been in their own boxes since the MCU stopped paying attention to what happened on television. Now, it seems like the streaming services will share the same universe though it is unclear exactly how that will occur at this time.

With the adaptation of the fan-favorite graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan coming sooner than later the wait to see how it is all connected shouldn’t take too long.

According to Loeb who recently spoke about the shared universe at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour this past Thursday:

“It all lives in the same world. How and where it’s connected and what it’s going to be connected to remains to be seen. … It lives in a world of if you’re a teenager … since it’s all connected through social media and its own way, would you be following Iron Man or somebody that was more your age? The fact that they’ve found each other and are going through this mystery together is what they’re concerned about, not what Captain America is doing on a Friday night.”

While that is sounding like cameos aren’t going to happen, we could see them exploring the teen’s thoughts on the rise of superheroes in New York. Especially if they lament the lack of them in California where their parents are running organized crime. With the pilot being told from the kid’s point of view and the second episode from the parents, we could even see the villains themselves discussing what would happen if The Avengers, The Defenders, or S.H.I.E.L.D. were to show up at their doors.

Loeb did stress that there wasn’t plans to see characters jumping networks quite yet but there wasn’t a reason for them not to have that happen either:

“What’s exciting to us is Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, and New Warriors are all new things for us to be able to get into and discover young heroes. A lot of the Marvel heroes, as we know, are grown adults that have had something happen to them that irrevocably changed their life. We now have a Spider-Man who is actually 16 years old [with star Tom Holland] and for a long time, we had a Spider-Man who was an adult. It’s exciting to us to be able to explore the world of the hero and how it affects someone who is trying to figure out who they are as opposed to already knows who they are and now their whole life has to take a left. That’s the journey we’re going on with these kinds of characters.”

My guess is still just name drops of major characters or the New York “incident” as Loeb elaborates:

“You’ll see things that comment on each other; we try to touch base wherever we can. It’s very much like real life — things that are happening in L.A. are not exactly going to be affecting what’s happening in New Orleans, or what’s happening in New York isn’t on the minds of everyone living in Chicago. It’s being aware of it and trying to find a way for it to be able to discuss in a way that makes sense.”

If cameos did happen, though, Loeb stated that “I don’t think the Punisher is going to show up on Freeform” which would make sense with the target demographics for each network.

Which heroes would you like to see cross over between the various Marvel shows? Who makes sense to see share screen time? Let us know in the comments below True Believers!

Hulu’s ‘Runaways’ is set to premiere on November 21st, 2017!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter