Uncle Milton

Some people may forget that San Diego Comic Con is not all about panels and cosplay, but also about the insane amount of vendors and amazing booths you can visit to see the latest collectibles, toys, games and comics from the industry. I was invited to visit and interview the folks behind one of the booths at Comic Con this year, the Uncle Milton booth, over in aisle 1000, and discovered a cool little section with an interesting niche market for their wares, that allowed them to have rights to certain properties that otherwise they might not be able to get. You see, Uncle Milton promotes toys that are based on science and learning, wanting to teach kids as well as entertain, and with that in mind, they have been able to license the rights to valuable properties like ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Star Wars,’ and make some pretty cool toys.

As of now, they are the only ones officially licensed to make ‘Star Wars’ fidget spinners, (and they had some cools ones on display in the booth), and they also had lightsabers that kids could construct themselves, learning the real-life science of electronics behind the technology of the Jedi as they craft their weapon. They were also selling some cool looking mini-lightsabers that glowed either blue or red depending on which side of the Force you aligned yourself with (they were talking to a customer about that one so I did not actually get a chance to see how it worked sadly), but it looked like the kids were having a great time playing with those. And exclusive to Comic Con, they had a ‘Spider-Man’ Mash’Em that they let me play with while I was looking around.

All in all, the Uncle Milton booth had some pretty neat items, and I would definitely recommend their products to any parent looking for toys that offered more than just regular play for their kids. I only wish now that I had time to go back and buy one of those ‘Spider-Man’ Mash’Ems….