Matt Kindt isn’t happy with just creating the amazingly successful ‘MIND MGMT’ and is now giving us a whole new series with first issue of ‘Past Aways.’ In the series we’re following five time travelers who are stuck in the prehistoric and barbaric past as they are stranded in the year 2015! Yes folks, they are stuck where we are now. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be see a current world without surprises as by becoming tracked here they also tear a rift in the space-time continuum! Who doesn’t want a chance for both dinosaurs and giant robots showing up that don’t involve watching ‘Jurassic World‘ and ‘Transformers,’ am I right?

Kindt has already proven that he can successfully write a compelling comic and now he is giving us a science fiction adventure full of humor and drama. Yes, apparently being from the future doesn’t get rid of drama as our leads aren’t on the best of terms with one another as they become trapped in what we think of as the present.

The art that Scott Kolins delivers is top notch full of vibrant and bold colors that aren’t being used to hide details. There is a lot going on with each page, some subtle and some that are just pure eye candy.

Five travelers from a future world that is near perfection compared to modern society become trapped in the past. It is extremely clear that they don’t think much of our era as a cell phone is described as a “primitive cellular device with basic features that do little more than distract the user from life-threatening, real-world events.”

This is absolutely one of my favorite things. There are a slew of editor notations throughout the book. It is giving you a feeling of what they see when they see our world as well as explaining some of their technology. I’m greatly reminded of the notations at the bottom of ‘Good Omens‘ as the humor truly shines through with these.

We’re being thrown part way into the mix as the book opens. Our five heroes have already been stranded in the present though we don’t know when or how. We do find that they’ve been here long enough to not only give up any hope of returning home but also have gotten sick of one another. Two of them have stayed together, one of which who harbors suicidal tendencies, and the other three have gone out on their own. The events of this book are bringing them back together, at least partially, and we’ll see how things play out as the team gets back together. This could be their sign that someone in the future is listening to them or they may be able to stumble upon a way home.

What we get here is a sign of humanity’s future. Only, our future has evolved the five humans stuck in our time period into having super hero level abilities. There is a lot of potential for an extremely fun series that can be both serious and campy at the same time. I’m eager to see where Kindt and Kolins take things going forward.


Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Scott Kolins