wonder woman

With ‘Wonder Woman‘ finally showing that the DCEU can get a film right, we’ve all been wondering when a sequel would happen, and now the studio has given us a release date! Gal Gadot will officially be reprising her role in ‘Wonder Woman 2’ as Diana Prince on December 13th, 2019! While Patty Jenkins isn’t confirmed to be returning to direct, she is currently in talks for the position and is working on the script with Geoff Johns. It seems like a no brainer that Warner Brothers would want the follow up to their first highly praised DCEU movie to have the same tone and style as the first installment.

At this time, Warner Brothers has picked a release date which has no other films announced, so there isn’t any significant competition for the week of release. It will have some potential competition the following week from ‘Masters of the Universe’ and both ‘Wicked’ and a live-action Disney movie set to drop the following week. However, without another major franchise such as a Marvel Studios or Star Wars film to go up against it will likely dominate the December 2019 box office with the few titles currently announced.

We won’t have to wait until 2019 to see Gadot as Wonder Woman again though as she’ll be returning this November in ‘Justice League.’ Joining her will be the rest of the initial DCEU heroes including Henry Cavill’s Superman, “Ben Affleck’s Batman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.”

Having brought in over $389 million at the box office domestically so far it has had more staying power than any superhero film in over 15 years.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Wonder Woman 2’ is only two years away with Gadot reprising her role before that time or do you wish we could see a sequel even sooner? Would the studio make a mistake if they didn’t bring back Jenkins to direct? Share your thoughts below!

‘Wonder Woman 2’ will be lassoing up another box office win on December 13th, 2019!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter