Few television series carry quite the reverence from the fan community as Warner Brothers Entertainment’s ‘Batman: The Animated Series’. Our friends over at DC Collectibles have spent the last few years giving fans the toyline of their dreams with a 6″ scale highly detailed line of figures based on the hit 1993 cartoon that even includes larger scale characters and vehicles like The Batmobile and Batwing! This week at San Diego Comic Con 2017, DC Collectibles has revealed several new items for the first time that are going to make fans of the line go nuts!

While many fans seem disappointed that we didn’t see any new characters debut at SDCC, we did get a few surprises that have put a smile right back on their faces! Earlier this year DC Collectibles released a deluxe ‘Batman Expressions Pack’ that included a standard release figure of Batman but included a number of alternative heads with varying facial expressions and other unique accessories to bring fans a huge variety of new ways to display their new favorite Batman figure. Then at Toy Fair, we got a quick tease of what looked like a new figure of The Joker done in the same style! Now we have our first full look at the new ‘Batman: The Animated Series- The Joker Expressions Pack’ from DC Collectibles! This figure includes eight alternative heads, a removable trench coat (which means a pair of alternative trench coat arms as well), a number of interchangeable hands, a ducky inner-tube, prank pistols, grenades, and more!

In addition to this new ‘The Joker Expressions Pack’, DC Collectibles have pulled the rug right out from under us with the never before seen ‘Harley Quinn Expressions Pack’! This new Harley set includes Harley with eight alternative heads, her two pet Hyenas, a giant fish-head costume, rollerskates, a bazooka, and a number of other truly unique accessories you won’t find anywhere else!

Finally, we’ve got the coup de grace, or should we say the coupe de Joker! That’s right, DC Collectibles has announced an in scale version of the Jokermobile! It’s got working wheels and built in light up features so that it’s as realistic as possible for a 6″ scale toy car.

These new announcements all work wonderfully together because Jokermobile is the perfect accessory for anyone who buys the Joker and Harley Quinn Expressions Packs! There is no word yet as to release dates or prices on any of these items yet, but hopefully more information will be available soon!

Stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com all this week for the latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017!