deadpoolMarvel’s ‘Merc With A Mouth’ Deadpool has spent the last few years quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the single most popular characters in the Marvel superheroes roster (although he’d be hard pressed to tell you he isn’t exactly a hero)! That’s why it should come as no big surprise that Hasbro has opted to give the quickly regenerating mercenary his very own full wave of Marvel Legends 6″ scale figures!

While the whole wave isn’t made of Deadpool himself, about half of it actually is! The other half is made up of some of Deadpool’s closest friends and teammates from his two decades of rich history. The Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave is comprised of eight figures in total, with no word on who the Build-A-Figure for the wave might be.

For our four new Deadpool figures, we’ve got quite a bit of variation! There’s the classic version of Deadpool (who looks quite a bit like a ‘First Appearance’ version, but Hasbro hasn’t called him that so who is really to say?). Then we’ve got the short-sleeved inverted black-and-red ‘Agent Of Weapon-X’ version of Deadpool, plus the black-and-grey ‘X-Force’ Deadpool (which appears to be a new figure rather than a re-release of Hasbro’s previous X-Force Deadpool figure). Wrapping up the Deadpool end of the wave is ‘Back In Black’ Deadpool, better known to most as Venom-Pool as it’s Deadpool with an Alien Symbiote!

Classic Deadpool


Weapon-X Deadpool

X-Force Deadpool



For non-Deadpool characters in this Deadpool themed wave, we’ve got characters from all ends of his history! From the beginning, we have a classic 90s style Cable figure, plus his fellow former teammate Domino! From a bit of his more recent history, we have Deathlok and the X-Force styled X-23!

Classic Cable




Hasbro has not released any word as to exactly when we might expect to start seeing these hit stores, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! If we had to guess, even though these are all comic based, these will be hitting sometime next year around the same time that the movie sequel ‘Deadpool 2’ hits theaters!

Stay tuned to all this week for the latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017!