The ‘Saw‘ franchise was left open to continue pretty nicely with the seventh movie so it should be no surprise that we’ll be getting a follow up in ‘Saw: Legacy’. 2010’s ‘Saw 3D’ was being sold as the final chapter but just like the ‘Friday the 13th‘ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchises before it, you just can’t keep a good horror theme down.

Previously we had been told that there was a potential reboot in the works but now with co-writers Josh Stolberg and Steve Goldfinger (‘Sorority Row’,’Piranha 3D’) attached, Twisted Pictures and Lions Gate Entertainment will clearly be pushing forward pretty quickly on this. While original director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell are busy with other projects, they are making time to executive produce on the next release.

It had to have been a pretty good pitch to bring these heavyweights of horror back in any form to the franchise they created. From ‘Insidious’ to ‘The Conjuring‘, Wan has been a huge success in the industry and with his guiding hand, it looks like the franchise which made him famous might still have some life in it yet. Assuming they aren’t going on it for an easy paycheck, this should give hope to fans of the franchise that we’ll be getting a solid entree into the series.

With Detective Hoffman apparently dead and the big reveal of Dr. Lawrence Gordon being Jigsaw’s greatest student after his surprising return, the world is now Gordon’s playground. Assuming he wanted to take on the mantle of Jigsaw and start the killer’s work fresh that is. It is hard to say if we’ll see him coming back or a new set of copycat killers taking up killing in his name. You have to give it to the original Jigsaw though in that he was able to inspire quite a few serial killers to follow his code.

Are you looking forward to ‘Saw:Legacy’? Do you think we’ll have new followers of Jigsaw showing up or will they go with creative flashbacks to give us even more that were there all along? Is this a franchise that really needed to be brought back or rebooted at all? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend