It may seem long past overdue, but later this year we are finally going to be getting our first ever live-action adaptation of DC Comics ‘Justice League’! The film is set to bring together a number of DC Comics greatest heroes to unite and form the end-all-be-all of superhero teams to save the world! The movie itself doesn’t release until November, but today at San Diego Comic Con 2017 Warner Brothers Entertainment lit up Hall H with an all new full length trailer for the ‘Justice League’ film!

Before we continue, we wanted to give fair *Spoiler Warnings* for the rest of this post. There’s a lot to see and learn about ‘Justice League’ from this new trailer that clocks in at just over a whopping four-minutes in length! Don’t just take it from us, watch the whole trailer for yourself below!



First off, holy sh*t! Right? This trailer gives fans a much bigger glance into ‘Justice League’ than I think most people were hoping for from the start. We got a full look at every member of the team in action (well, almost every member, but we’ll get more into that in a bit), we get our first good look at the villainous Steppenwolf and the world of Apokolips, and we get a small taste of what else we might hope to see in the film.

Diving in from the start, we’ve got Wonder Woman foiling what appears to be some kind of robbery. We never quite get to see who is committing the crime, leading to immediate speculation that it might be someone of importance (or possibly a small role for an iconic character that they don’t quite want to reveal just yet?). After a quick brawl we cut to Wonder Woman incognito as Diana Prince talking about what a dull weekend she’s had.

There’s a quick narrative about the world as a whole reacting to the death of Superman (which happened at the end of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ for those of you that missed it). There’s even talk of Batman apparently disappearing from Gotham after these events, with a glimpse of Commissioner Gordon lighting the Batsignal to call him and seeing it go unanswered. We see Diana and Bruce (Wayne, aka Batman) talk; “They say the age of heroes will never come again” says Diana, to which Bruce retorts “It has to”.

The camera quickly cuts to the mystical paradise island of Themyscira, where it seems something is ascending from the sky into a large temple. We see Diana’s mother Hippolyta among other Amazonians as a large boom-tube opens and we see our first real look at our film’s lead villain, Steppenwolf! Steppenwolf is large and heavily armored, looking pretty different from the last brief glimpse we got of him in ‘BvS’. He’s also wielding what looks like a pretty massive battleaxe.

Next the camera flashes over to Aquaman somewhere deep within the ocean before quickly cutting back to Diana Prince in civilian clothes, followed by a shot of Cyborg looking out of a window in a wrecked building. We see a number of shots of our heroes as civilians while we hear an ominous voiceover by Steppenwolf that ends with “this world will fall like all the others” and a shot of Steppenwolf himself doing some massive damage.

We see Alfred and Bruce in The Batcave, reminiscing about simpler times “when one’s biggest concerns were exploding wind up penguins” (making a clear reference to the Batman villain of the same name). The camera quickly moves on to give us our first taste of Steppenwolf’s home world of Apokolips.

Aquaman might have said it best with “this is crazy, honestly I think we’re all going to die”. We see a shot of Bruce barreling through the streets in the Batmobile before we see some more shots of each hero showcasing their powers and abilities. The Flash makes a few quips about how he’s never really had to fight before, and Cyborg links up communications with what sounds like a very confused Alfred.

This is all followed up by a number of fun action shots that are really better seen than read (so seriously, if you haven’t yet, watch the trailer above!). The trailer closes with Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop with Batman and The Flash just as Batman pulls one of is infamous disappearing acts. Flash apologizes to a clearly flustered Gordon before zooming away as the trailer cuts to the ‘Justice League’ logo.

Following the logo, we get a quick shot of Alfred in the Batcave. He notices a glass of water is shaking as if someone (or something) is coming (not unlike in ‘Jurassic Park’). Alfred then looks up with a smirk and says “he said you’d come, now let’s hope you’re not too late” to someone we don’t see on screen. The obvious answer to the “who” is a resurrected Superman, but this early in the game who really knows what they might have in mind! It could really be almost anyone at this point.

Stay tuned to all this week for the latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Entertainment’s live action adaptation of ‘Justice League’ stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, Ray Fisher, Ciaran Hinds, and Henry Cavill. ‘Justice League’ is set to hit theaters on November 17th, 2017!