A few months back DC Comics launched their ‘DC Rebirth‘ line of books that acted as a soft reboot of many of their ongoing comic series. Now it looks like the team at DC Collectibles is following suit in order to bring collectors a very similar feel with their all new ‘DC Essentials’ line of figures!

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con 2017, DC Collectibles new ‘DC Essentials’ line is an all new line of 6.75″ scale figures that is taking much of its inspiration from the actual ‘DC Rebirth’ line of comic books! This line is meant to be an “evergreen” line of figures that will be able to continue for quite some time. It is also the most articulated line of figures ever produced by the team at DC Collectibles!

The ‘DC Essentials’ line is launching in Summer 2018 with a wave of figures heavily based on the ‘DC Rebirth’ versions of these characters from designs by artist Jason Fabok. Jim Fletcher, DC Collectibles Executive Creative Director, seems very optimistic for this line, saying:

“DC Essentials will be an evergreen action figure line and will feature classic representations of DC Universe characters including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, among others. These designs will embody the core of each character and will attract both our most dedicated fans and those just starting out with their collections. We’re thrilled to deliver these figures at the larger 6.75” scale and can’t wait for fans to see the new moveability that allows for more intricate poses. We’re excited to have Jason Fabok on board as the series’ designer–his stunning art style is a perfect match for DC Essentials.”

The first wave of the line is set to include ‘DC Rebirth’ versions of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash! A second wave including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Nightwing, and Deathstroke is set to release not long after. DC Collectibles have said that more classic characters will eventually make their way into the line as well.

The ‘DC Essentials’ line of 6.75″ figures from DC Collectibles are set to retail for $26 each when they launch next year! Stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com all this week for the latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017!