benicio del toro the last jedi star warsFans who are curious as to who Benicio del Toro‘s DJ will be when ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ comes around will either be happy or sad to hear that director Rian Johnson has shut the door on one of the most popular fan theories.

As we don’t know the full name of the character, many have wondered if this could, in fact, be an alias and del Toro is actually the grown up version of Ezra Bridger from ‘Star Wars Rebels’. The idea that Bridger was tempted by the dark side could have seen him going into a shady smuggler type of character though it was one theory that I never bought into and am glad it isn’t the route they are going.

According to Johnson, “He’s his own person” and DJ does stand for something and isn’t an alias. Even if Bridger did end up going to the Dark Side or felt that he could be good while using the Force in the ways that the Sith do, I can’t imagine that he would be satisfied in just being a smuggler with his hatred for the Empire.

Here is the clip where Johnson thankfully squashed this rumor:

Now we’re all going to have to wonder what DJ stands for maybe until the film is released this December. I’m pretty sure that the next most popular theory is that he is somehow related to Rey though that also doesn’t sound like it would make sense as it sounded more like her parents might be part of the Resistance.

Who do you think DJ is in relation to ‘Star Wars’? Will he be a completely new character or be somehow related to someone that we’ve seen before? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Digital Spy