Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ is going to introduce us to Black Bolt’s wife Medusa and Serinda Swan who is playing her has opened up a bit about her character’s hair. Now, anyone unfamiliar with Medusa needs to know that her Inhuman power stems directly from having hair that is super strong, can grow, and be moved around like a limb by her mind so this is actually an important question as we haven’t seen an example of how her power will be handled in any of the trailers so far.

When asked on how her powers will appear she stated that:

“It’s a hairy situation. I think I’m going to say that several times. One of the cool things with Medusa obviously is her hair and learning how to use it through the wig, but then also through the CGI. So there are moments where you are in fights or intense situations, and you have to know how to use your face at the same time that you are using your hair, so there has been a lot of really amazing scenes where I have to sit down and go, “Okay. If it was my arm, how would I do it if it was my arm? What would my face do?” And then have the duality between the two because it’s sort of another appendage for her.”

While this doesn’t explain how we’ll see the hair move or be used, it does hint that we’ll be getting what fans have been hoping for. It also shows that the actress isn’t just letting the CGI take over as that wouldn’t be doing the character or action sequences justice.

Swan does go on to explain about the size that her hair can get which is one thing fans have all been wanting to know about:

“So learning that is definitely a skill set that, you know, I like doing my own stunts. I like being active, but I never thought of my hair as a weapon or as a protection system or even something as easy as getting water because she can do everyday things with her hair. But that was sort of the fun of her and bringing that to life and honoring what’s in the comic books and honoring who she is because it’s a huge part of her. Huge! So, yeah, and the length and the size of the wig is quite phenomenal. So learning how to just get through everyday life with that like I got to break for lunch. How do I do this? Like one gust of wind and I’m in massive amounts of trouble, so I’m appreciating her. She has to have control of it because otherwise, as a normal human, not having control of it is as a nightmare.”

One cool thing is how they are trying to stay true to the comics in a very subtle way. Long term fans know that Medusa’s hair can be a bit of a tell. In the comics, the way it looks can be directly related to her mood and emotions and this will definitely be carried over into the series:

“Yes. You will definitely see her hair have moods. There will be some moody hair. You know because that’s her! You know, it’s the same when you are in an argument, your fists curl. When you are like meeting someone and you’re nervous your hands sweat. It’s her. And it is all of that. And it’s a little less when she is out in public because she is like, “ I am queen.” because it would be slightly distracting if I’m doing, if I was like this during the whole interview, you guys would be like, “What is going on?” So she controls it when she is out in public, but you’ll see a much more intimate side with her and her hair with Black Bolt.”

Honestly, I wasn’t thinking that aspect of the hair will make the cut and anyone with a sharp eye might be able to find a few more little fun moments in the series by paying attention to Swan’s hair.

Are you looking forward to giving ‘Inhumans’ a chance? What are your thoughts on Medusa now that it sounds like the studio is taking her hair seriously? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant