Dick Grayson

We’ve had a slew of allies and enemies of Bruce Wayne introduced on ‘Gotham‘ so far and while the next season will see a step forward on his path to becoming Batman, it also might introduce us to Dick Grayson. The news came from Sean Pertwee who plays Alfred on the show who dropped a major hint that it could be in our future. This makes sense because in the first season we’ve already been introduced to his future parents though we haven’t heard about them since that time. It seems like an awfully big introduction to never follow up upon, and while it is unlikely that we’ll see Robin suit up before the series ends, we might see a younger version of him running around.

The reveal came at a Heroes and Villains Fan Fest panel in Nashville:

“She was pregnant when we saw her in the circus episode with Jerome, and presumably, that’s Robin there in the tummy. We’ll see if that comes back around.”

When we were introduced to the Flying Graysons in “The Blind Fortune Teller” we saw that the two were engaged by the end of the episode though this is the first confirmation that Mary Lloyd was pregnant with John Grayson’s child. It is hard to tell if that means he knows something that will be revealed in a future episode was guessing, or that the reveal was cut from what ended up airing.

Either way, it seems like a huge indicator that a baby Robin will be making his way to the small screen before the series comes to a close. There doesn’t appear to be a huge reason why this traveling circus wouldn’t make another stop at ‘Gotham’ considering we’ve already got a potential Clown Prince of Crime running around.

Are you looking forward to a brief introduction to the baby that will end up as Nightwing? Is this too much of an introduction or the perfect Easter Egg for Batman fans? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book