It’s finally here. After a season where our favorite roommate trio has gone through trials and tribulations as they’ve tried maintaining the dream of Being Human. Will their choices and fates in the season finale validate that dream or will their lives spiral even more out of control?

That is one serious pile of deformed vampires

A direct continuation of last week, Josh and Nora have an eyes to eye confrontation with Liam who, in an effort to convince them of what they need to see, pulls a gun on the two werewolves and bid they follow him. He leads the two to an abandoned building where a serious pile of vampire newbies remain dormant. The super couple finds out what the city vampires, immunized against the plague, have been up to. Not only that, they see the effects of the werewolf blood on the newly turned and it ain’t too good. He wants them to kill the newbies, to connect with their werewolf heritage. What they have is a gift, he tries to explain, not a curse. Though Josh wants nothing to do with Liam, the latter can see something different now that Josh has his blood. As he tries provoking Josh out, Nora admits to killing Bryn. Though I’m not quite sure her logic behind it, it does piss off the pureblood werewolf who, instead of attacking them, leaves the two locked up with the slowly waking vampires. After Nora dusts one, Josh finds a gas can and tells Nora they won’t need to stake the unlucky victims—they’ll burn them.

While Josh and Nora are being introduced to the new vampires, Kat with the Pretty Eyes is putting some serious moves on Aidan back at the house. He’s trying to remain gentlemanly about things but his attraction to her is very hard to fight. Sally phases in, distracting him for a bit but once she takes her leave (why is her body still hanging out dead upstairs), the Kat and Aidan get it on in the same spot Josh and Nora exchanged vows.

After their night of passion, both Aidan and Kat are asleep with the most deliciously happy smiles on their faces. Aidan has a quick flashback to Suzanna when Sally wakes him to let him know about Kenny. He’s fearful to leave Kat but Sally promises to watch her as Aidan goes to check on Kenny. When Aidan sees his child, he’s stunned by the transformation. He tries his best to calm Kenny but his words ring hollow. But that’s not his only concern as Kat just happened to venture upstairs and into Sally’s room where her desiccated corpse is chilling out (by the way, isn’t there a stench usually associated with a rotting corpse!?). Responding as any rational individual would, she skips out and promises to call the police and Aidan is left in the wind.

Maybe he should’ve stayed in the bubble

Aidan returns to Kenny, whose condition is causing him to suck down blood at an accelerated rate. He tries telling Kenny things will be okay, though his eyes give way to the doubt he’s feeling. It prompts another flashback, this time of Isaac running to his father about the townsfolk knowing what he truly is. A bit later, Aidan and Sally are sitting at the table where he admits to her about turning the others and, for all intents, ignoring what he knew the excess ingestion of blood was doing to him. He offers Sally a hint of the things we do; we can’t always forget but we do need to learn to live with it.

Their conversation is interrupted when Liam comes in and blasts the vampire in the head. It takes a good part of the fight out of Aidan and the werewolf spouts off about Aidan’s nobility in taking the blame for Nora killing Bryn. He wants Aidan to know what it feels like to lose a child and as the fight—or vampire beat down—spills into the basement, Kenny is caught by Liam, who readies to stake Aidan’s child. Before he can drive it home, Sally screams, setting fire to the stake. It gives everyone a reprieve, though Liam continues to wail on Aidan, eventually staking him to the way.

Enter the power couple. Both Josh and Nora go at Liam though it doesn’t end too well for them. As the fight rages, Kenny’s bloodlust gets the best of him and he feeds on an unconscious Nora. Liam and Josh are doing their damndest to throttle one another but the former has the edge. Seeing the lights about to go out for Josh, Sally steps in, screaming at Liam. He’s startled and it gives Aidan just the opening he needs, skewering the werewolf on the same stake he used to pin Aidan to the way.

The dust settles, everyone is recovering from the ordeal. Nora is sad Josh didn’t get to kill Liam. Aidan has to find Kat to fix things with her. He also knows Kenny has to be taken care of, something he promises to do. He meets up with Blake, asking for her help to compel Kat into forgetting what she saw. She wipes Kat’s mind and makes sure Aidan understands that he owes her one, a big one.

Nora and Josh try to talk about the mundane as they prepare for the night’s full moon. They talk about what happened and she openly asks if he truly wanted the curse lifted. He does admit something is different—his vision of his wolf. She offers him support, reminding her husband that “you’re still you”.

An angry vampire is not soup for the soul

As Aidan preps for his final act—killing Kenny (in the non South Park way)—he reflects back on Suzanna’s death at the hands of the townsfolk and the vengeance he exacted upon them. Kenny knows what’s about to happen, but Aidan changes his mind, ordering his charge to run, a decision we all know will come back to bite him (and others) in the ass.

The gang come together and buries Sally’s body. They give her time alone and Josh asks Aidan about Kenny. “He never had a chance,” the vampire replies, ashamed for his lie but telling it nonetheless.

The next morning Sally and Aidan converse with the new ghost talking about her current condition. Aidan wonders how the latest turning is for Josh and how it may help his relationship with Nora. “Maybe sometimes it’s easier to be the same,” he says and after getting a bit of a ribbing from Sally, he departs. But Sally’s not alone. A ghostly Donna shows up and promptly gives Sally the lowdown on just how small she is in the ghost realm. Donna admits to needing her and after throwing her around a bit, opens a hole on the steps and drags Sally down, down, down…

Things slowly wind down as Aidan walks the streets and passes a car where a woman gets out, one that is the spitting image of Suzanna—wait, what? To top it off, Nora wakes up from her transformation with no Josh in sight. She searches for him in the woods only to come across him still in werewolf form. The screen fades to black and Nora’s scream is the last thing we hear.

One thing Being Human does as well as any show out there, even rivaling Supernatural, is creating kick-ass season finale cliffhangers. “Ruh Roh” is no different as we are lulled into that false sense of security that things may be working out for our curious quartet (or quintet if you factor in Kat) but, as always, that’s not the case. So we are left with months of speculating on Nora and Sally’s fate as well as just what the hell’s going on with Suzanna materializing out of the proverbial blue. Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be a very long 2013…