In the creepy new GIF that greets users when they visit the Discover Westworld website (which you can see above), the show has managed to brilliantly tease fans for the long-awaited (and still waiting) second season of the series, which we still do not have a premiere date for. All we know so far is that the second season is coming sometime in 2018, that Season 1 is coming to Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download in November. It is cruel to make us wait this long to get the answers we so desperately need. And yet, the long wait kind of makes me like show the even more, especially if they continue to tease the next season the way they have above.

In the GIF, an unknown user from within the park appears to be trying to reach out for help, right before a “registered user” shuts the “unknown user” down, saying “all is well” and loading “Journey into Night,” which we know is the name of Ford’s most recent narrative that he launched right before the supposed robot rebellion. The name is also what we now know is what the first episode of Season 2 is supposed to be titled.

The tease falls in line with rumors we had already heard about Season 2 focusing on guests trapped within the park during the robot rebellion struggling to survive now that the stakes are real, and many are theorizing that this might be Elsie Hughes herself, the female tech who went missing last season who we never got 100% confirmation that she truly died (though we did see Bernard attack her in a brief flashback). It would be amazing if it were Elsie, as I would love for her to have a larger role in Season 2, maybe as a leader in the human resistance or something, but it could just as easily be anyone else. With the twists of ‘Westworld,’ it could even be a robot asking for help, and someone in park control, (I’m talking a human) shutting that robot down.

Do you have any theories for the second season, and what this tease could mean? If you head to the site, there’s also a new Q&A section talking about a ‘traveling roadshow’ visiting San Diego, so maybe we’ll get some more answers at San Diego Comic-Con next week, but until then, feel free to share any thoughts you might have in the comments below!

Source: i09