magneto x-men dark phoenix

With Michael Fassbender‘s Magneto not having a single moment of importance in the original Dark Phoenix Saga, it has been unclear how he would play into ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.‘ However, a new rumor lays it all out. Now, this is a rumor so I wouldn’t count on it being fully accurate but with some of what we do know about the film, it makes a lot of sense.

Obviously, be wary of spoilers below!

So the basic premise is that we’ll be seeing Magneto in his 90s roots which is fitting as the story is said to take place in that time period. During this era, Magneto formed the Acolytes who were as much a supervillain team as a cult. They believe in Magneto’s message that mutants were the future and he was the one who would usher in this new world order.

With ‘Dark Phoenix’ having a “possibility of taking place on a cosmic level, this could also follow the idea that we see Avalon introduced. Avalon is an asteroid which Magneto turned into a space base where he can train his new mutants and form his plans for world conquest. Sounds like a great jumping point into how we could be introduced to the Shi’ar Empire.

It should also be noted that Genosha is meant to be introduced in the film. This fictional island is a place where we saw mutants enslaved before Magneto took it over and turned it into a Utopia for a brief period of time before Sentinels came and wiped everyone out.

It is hard to tell if we’re getting Easter Eggs or setting up future films as the contracts for Fassbender and many of the other ‘X-Men: First Class’ actors up in the air. Particularly since future films are not set to focus on the Professor X and Magneto relationship.

Do you think that we’ll be seeing the Acolytes introduced in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’? Will it carry over into showing us Avalon as well? Which Acolyte would you specifically like to see the movie introduce? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Nerdist