While the event’s flagship title has been delayed due to changes in the creative team, ‘Inhumanity’ is rolling along in the Marvel Universe to chronicle the fallout of ‘Infinity’ where Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Bomb upon the Earth and gave birth to millions of dormant Inhumans. This new ongoing event has ramifications throughout all the Marvel titles and this week we take a look at how our friendly, neighborhood web-slinger’s world has been affected in ‘Inhumanity: The Superior Spider-Man’.

In a quest to find Inhuman technology to utilize for his own purposes, Otto Octavius aids in every relief effort he can around New York City so that he can simultaneously save the lives of those affected by the fall of Attilan and upgrade his arsenal of technology for superheroing and for the newly started Parker Industries. But when a down on his luck man with a sick wife gets his hands on a piece of Inhuman weaponry, Spidey has a whole new problem to deal with.

In this issue, Christos Gage basically wrote a love letter to the men and women who serve as firefighters and police officers. Through Spider-Man, he shows his appreciation to these real life heroes who save people every day. It was a really touching gesture and a nice reminder to the world that we shouldn’t take these people for granted.

Gage also focused on an aspect of ‘Inhumanity’ that a lot of other tie-ins aren’t really exploring. Rather than looking at the biological ramifications of the fall of the Inhuman city upon New York, he took a technological point of view on what’s going on and showed how it affected those among the population who weren’t given new powers after being stuck in cocoons for a little while. This made for a highly emotional story that might possibly be one of the best offerings from ‘Inhumanity’ so far.

Finally, this issue showed a softer side of the Superior Spider-Man. We’ve seen Otto get aggressive in the pages of ‘Superior Spider-Man’ or ‘Superior Team-Up’, but here he also pays his respects to the real heroes of the world and shows that he really is a hero in his own right, despite being a bit over-excited at times. These are the sorts of things that I’ll miss when ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ comes back in April as part of All-New Marvel NOW.

Overall, this was a pretty great one-shot. Most will probably overlook this book, but I was glad that I decided to pick it up this week.

Final Score:



Written by Christos Gage
Art by Stephanie Hans