samuel l jackson captain marvel

It was rumored earlier this year that Samuel L. Jackson would be heavily involved in ‘Captain Marvel‘ though a new report shows that he might be co-starring in the film! As with many of the original actors in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Nick Fury might be moving towards an exit, but fans and the actor want more, and it looks like Marvel Studios might be delivering! A new source has Jackson set for filming a movie with a working title called ‘Warbird’ which is scheduled to start on January 8th which is when ‘Captain Marvel’ is supposed to begin.

The news broke from Christopher M. of Omega Underground on Twitter:

This would not only have Jackson appearing with Brie Larson on screen but also showing up in his tenth Marvel Studios feature film. Just a quick recap for those who are only counting seven with ‘Iron Man’, ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Thor’, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier, and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – he is also set to star in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and the currently untitled sequel.

At this time we know that ‘Captain Marvel’ will be an origin film and will explore a bit of the Quantum Realm from ‘Ant-Man.’ Past that, not much more is known. With Carol Danvers being in the United States Air Force in the comics and about to become a super powered individual, it seems like a good reason to double down on bringing Nick Fury into the fold.

Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if they showed the two have some sort of history like maybe he had once attempted to recruit her to S.H.I.E.L.D. or something similar to that. These two actors have previously worked together on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ along with fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them playing off one another on the big screen.

Are you excited to hear that Nick Fury might help introduce the world to ‘Captain Marvel’ or do you feel that she should fly “higher further faster more” on her own? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Captain Marvel’ directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, starring Brie Larson and (reportedly) Samuel L. Jackson arrives in theaters on March 19, 2018.