Now that ‘Venom‘ has premiered and done moderately well (despite mixed critical reviews it broke some box-office records for October and is doing very well overseas), it looks like Sony is going to move full-steam ahead with their Spider-Man Villains universe, though it might not be as Spidey-less as we originally thought. A recent statement made by Richard Wenk, the writer of the ‘Kraven the Hunter’ movie, makes it sound like he is planning a movie that is going to involve Spider-Man in a major way outside of just a casual mention or a cameo, making fans wonder whether the MCU is opening its doors to the Sony villain movies, or if Sony will actually cast another Spider-Man, giving us two alternate Spider-Men on the big screen.

Here’s the statement Wenk made about the film on the Discussing Film podcast that has so many people talking:

“It’s an interesting world, a great character… it’s in the Spider-Man universe. I’m going to adhere very closely to the lore of Kraven the Hunter, and he’s going to come face-to-face with Spider-Man. I think that where we’re all circling is that this is Kraven’s Last Hunt, and whether this is the precursor to that movie, whether it will include it, we’re talking about those things. And even the idea that maybe Kraven could be like Kill Bill, basically a two-part movie. It’s all in the mix.”

‘Kraven’s Last Hunt,’ the story arc mentioned by Wenk, has Kraven desperate to prove he is Spider-Man’s equal before he passes, and it just does not seem like a story that can possibly be done without Spider-Man. This is still just in the writing phase, and everything could change once the studio execs have their say, not to mention the lawyers. And while it would be cool to see Spider-Man face off against some of these foes, if these movies cannot compete with the quality of the MCU, I am just not sure I want them included in that continuity.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it worth it to see more Spider-Man and his rogues gallery cross into the MCU to let Sony’s villain universe exist within the MCU? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!