Wonder Woman and Chief

‘Wonder Woman’ just crossed the $300 million mark at the domestic box office and is still holding strong at the #2 spot after being out a full month, while competitors like ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ have already come and gone. Part of ‘Wonder Woman”s success is the fact that many fans are going back over and over and getting very familiar with the film which leads to several fan theories.  Now one of the film’s stars has actually endorsed one of these theories!

When Diana, who speaks hundreds of languages, first meets Chief, they engage in a short conversation in Blackfoot.  This conversation was not subtitled, so fans initially didn’t know what was said, but it has since been translated and it was revealed that Chief introduces himself to Diana as “Napi.”  Napi is a Blackfoot demigod of creation who teaches humanity about knowledge.  So did Chief and Diana share a certain bond?

Eugene Brave Rock who played Chief, one of Wonder Woman and Steve’s close band of brothers, who braved the front lines to help her reach her ultimate enemy Ares the God of War, seems to have confirmed that yes, they do.


If Chief is indeed a demigod like Diana, it’s entirely possible that he also doesn’t age and could show up in the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel, for which director Patty Jenkins is already penning the script with DC’s creative director Geoff Johns.

Since Steve obviously won’t appear, it would be nice to see at least one of Diana’s allies from the first movie in the sequel.  And since Chief played an important role as a smuggler and guide, his skills could prove useful again.

Would you like to see Eugene Brave Rock return as Chief in the future?