Two months ago we learned that Titan Comics was giving us a new telling of ‘Robotech and now they’ve released the first five pages of the upcoming title! The book is being written by the always talented Brian Wood with art handled by Marco Turini and Marco Lesko tackling the coloring. The idea for the book is to give us “an all-new twist on the classic 80s adventure” which is being shown with a change in the timeline.

For those unfamiliar with the original anime series, we are watching as humanity is faced with an intergalactic war with the alien race the Zentraedi. The focus of the tale is on “hotshot Veritech pilot Roy Fokker and skilled rookie Rick Hunter” who are the leads from the 80s cartoon.

In fact, to kick things off, they’ve gone overboard and also included a trailer for the book!

If that doesn’t have you sold we have the first five pages, lettered, and ready to suck you directly into the action!

This book is at the top of my pull list for next month. Between the look and writing, this is going to be a winner for any fans of Robotech and Macross out there.

As a bonus for those of you who are attending San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we’ve learned that a special edition will be available there “at the Titan booth #5537” with the following cover!

Are you going to check out ‘Robotech’ #1? How do you think they’ll be altering the timeline to give us a new take on this classic story? Share your thoughts below!


Not just another retelling of the Macross saga …

In July, the story continues as we bring Carl Macek’s original vision full circle. Taking into account every iteration of the series, this new​ ​Robotech #1 casts a fresh eye over classic characters like Rick Hunter,​ ​Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant, and Henry Gloval. Brian Wood and Marco Turini take us back to a Macross Island where​ ​*nothing* can be taken for granted.

You can check out ‘Robotech’ #1 at your local comic shop on July 26th, 2017!