Phil Lord Chris Miller Han Solo movie

While Phil Lord and Chris Miller may have just lost a very cool project, they might not be entirely out of the picture (no pun intended). You see, almost all big directors in Hollywood these days are part of the DGA, or Director’s Guild of America, a union which affords them a certain number of rights and contractual obligations on every film they work on, and one of those might just allow them some leeway here.

The loophole in question actually states that the pair might just have the right to cut their own version of the film, but ONLY if at least 90% of the film was completed by them. The full rule is below:

“A director who is replaced after directing ninety percent (90 percent) but less than one hundred percent (100 percent) of the scheduled principal photography of any motion picture shall be the Director of the film entitled to all the post-production creative rights set forth. No one shall be allowed to interfere with the director of the film during the period of the Director’s Cut. There shall be no ‘cutting behind’ the Director as that term is commonly understood in the motion picture industry.”

To be realistic though, this is a ‘Star Wars’ film we are talking about, and there is a very small chance that the guys had managed to shoot 90% of the film by the time they were let go. Especially not if Disney/Lucasfilm had to hire a big name like Ron Howard to step in to finish the movie, and especially not when so much of a ‘Star Wars’ film is done in post-production as special effects. There’s even a chance that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy was very aware of this particular loophole, and fired them when she did to ensure they did not hit that 90% mark, which would be very smart of her. And in the end, even if Lord and Miller did get to make a “Director’s Cut,” it is not like they would get any help releasing their version, as Lucasfilm would be busy releasing the “official” version of the movie and not interested in the vision of the two guys they fired so early in the game.

What are your thoughts here? Is this just a pipe dream? Would Lord and Miller even bother making a Director’s Cut even if they had the right to? Would you want to see their version of the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Wrap