The Spider-Man universe is growing cinematically, thanks to production company Sony and their belief that they now have a grasp on how to handle a “shared universe” of films involving the wall-crawler’s supporting cast.  The newest addition to their plans: two different solo films based on the villains Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

These newly-mentioned films, however, may have to get in line, as the Spider-verse has been growing exponentially as of late.  Tom Holland stars as the titular character in next month’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (a “crossover” of sorts into the larger, Marvel-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe) and is committed to second and third solo films, in addition to starring in the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ films.  Tom Hardy has recently signed on to play classic Spidey villain Venom in his own solo film, which may or may not be MCU material, according to recent conflicting reports.

‘Silver & Black’ will focus on the female Spider-Man villains Silver Sable and Black Cat, but does not have a release date as of yet.  And then yes, we can’t forget these newly-announced films focusing on primal hunter Kraven and the hypnotic expert of illusion, the bubble-headed Mysterio.

According to THR, who first mentioned the new spin-offs:

The idea…is to build out a world gradually rather than launch one immediately, as they had been trying with Spider-Man villain ensemble Sinister Six, which has been shelved.

What do you think, readers: are you excited to see more films from the Spider-Man realm, or do you think this plan is spreading Sony a bit too thin?  Sound off in the comments section below!