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It was reported in late September that ‘Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright was in talks to play Commissioner James Gordon in ‘The Batman’, but the hubbub over Jonah Hill‘s potential casting overshadowed that.  Even so, Wright’s casting has never been officially confirmed… until now.

Via Twitter, director Matt Reeves confirmed that Wright would be the new Commissioner Gordon in his typical fashion as a man of few words:

This makes Wright the fourth confirmed cast member of ‘The Batman’, joining Robert Pattinson (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman/Selina Kyle), and Paul Dano (The Riddler/Edward Nashton).

DC Comics

Commissioner Gordon is one of Batman’s most stalwart allies, having first appeared alongside the Caped Crusader in ‘Detective Comics’ #27, in 1939.  A younger, pre-Batman version of the character was the subject of the FOX TV series ‘Gotham’, on which Ben McKenzie portrayed the cop.


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Being as long-lived as the character has been, his past has been retconned numerous times.  In most continuities, he married Barbara Kean.  Pre-Crisis they had a son, Anthony (“Tony”) who was killed by Communist super villains, but he has not been referenced since.  In some stories, James and Barbara divorced and she moved to Chicago with their son James Jr.  In others she died.  In other stories, James Jr. doesn’t exist, but in more recent comics he is a sociopath and serial killer.  James Sr. and Barbara Kean also had a daughter, Barbara, who eventually became Batgirl.  In some stories, James knows about his daughter’s double life and in others he doesn’t.  Immediately after “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” it was established that Barbara wasn’t James and Barbara’s biological daughter, but rather James’ niece whom they adopted after her parents were killed.  But generally, that retcon has been retconned, with Barbara considered their natural daughter.

It’s also unclear whether James knows that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, with some stories making it clear that he does, and others not referencing that.

Neill Hamilton played Commissioner Gordon on the ’60s ‘Batman’ show, while Pat Hingle, Gary Oldman, and J.K. Simmons have played him in the various films.

Although Gordon is usually depicted as Caucasian, he was Latino in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’, in which he was voiced by Hector Elizondo.  (Rosario Dawson voiced Barbara/Batgirl.)

‘The Batman’ is due to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.  Check back for updates!