Wyatt Russell and Jovan Adepo Overlord

If comic books (specifically the old school Captain America ones) have taught us anything, it’s that the Nazis experimented with supernatural forces during World War II. And though the Star-Spangled Avenger won’t be there to stop them in Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot’s latest movie, it looks like a few other brave soldiers might step up to the challenge.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Everybody Wants Some’ and ’22 Jump Street’ star Wyatt Russell and Jovan Adepo of ‘Fences’ and ‘The Leftovers’ will star in the supernatural WWII thriller Overlord from Paramount and Bad Robot. Written by the venerable pair of Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith, who respectively penned ‘Captain Phillips’ and ‘The Revenant’, the upcoming film directed by Julius Avery will follow two American paratroopers played by Russell and Adepo as they are dropped into enemy territory with the goal of reaching a Nazi-occupied village with a German radio tower. However, they soon realize that there’s more to this mission than a standard military operation. Thanks to some mysterious experiments, it looks like the Nazis have some more mystical weaponry in their arsenal beyond rifles and U-boats.

With a release date of October 26, 2018, ‘Overlord’ will have some heavy competition at the box office in the form of a few very highly-anticipated projects. Once the film from J.J. Abrams’ company hits theaters, it will contend with Sony’s ’The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ adaptation, ‘Jungle Book: Origins’ from Warner Bros., Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’, and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ from Fox. As the production process rolls on, hopefully, Paramount and Bad Robot pull out all the stops to be a major contender in the sea of potentially awesome films. Otherwise, it could easily turn into a fun movie to Netflix and chill with some time down the line.