There’s some news that just comes out of left field and makes you shake your head in wonder. A couple of days ago, it was the fact that Tom Cruise was looking to play the lead role in a new ‘Van Helsing’ flick. Luckily, today’s news is much more exciting… but it didn’t start out as such.

Earlier today, it was announced via Cinemablend that ‘Glee’ writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was working with Warner Brothers to make a new film version of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. And while, Aguirre-Sacasa does have some geek cred for reworking the Broadway play ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’, many fans of ‘Little Shop’, myself included, were appalled at the idea.

Then mere hours later, THR came along and turned what was a horrible bad no good idea into something that has the potential to be wonderful. What did they do? They announced that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (‘The Dark Knight Rises’) was working with WB to produce the ‘Little Shop’ remake with the intent to play in film.

If it all works out, Gordon-Levitt will play Seymour, the loveable loser who finds an alien plant that promises him all of his dreams in exchange for increasingly more gruesome meals. Seymour was most famously played in the 1986 adaptation by Rick Moranis.

And, while I’m a huge fan of the ’86 version and was already rallying my ire against a newer adaptation mere hours ago, the inclusion of JGL has totally flipped my opinion on this one. It could work. And, if done properly, it could be pure magic. Other than hoping against hope that Audrey II won’t be CGI this time around, I can’t wait to see what other casting comes down the pike on this one!

What do you think? Is the world ready for another invasion from Audrey II? Comment below and let me know.