doctor who daleks

Well, I know the title of this article was a bit of a tease, yes?  Sorry about that – but know that we have your attention, all you die-hard ‘Doctor Who’ fans out there reading this, we actually do have a bit of cool news surrounding the ‘Doctor Who’ franchise and your chance to learn more about one of the franchise’s greatest enemies: the Daleks!

British film producer Victor Lewis-Smith is currently working to create a brand-new documentary film, entitled ‘The Undiscovered Daleks,’ which he hopes to send to cinemas around the world.  The project is currently in pre-production, with a crowdfunding campaign currently in progress to help the film achieve its production and distribution goals.

According to Lewis-Smith himself:

“Throughout my career, the BBC has commissioned hundreds of programmes from me. But there’s one proposal they have always rejected. That’s the unexpurgated history of the Daleks. Why? What secrets about the Daleks do they want to keep hidden? Only by crowdfunding will I be able to make The Undiscovered Daleks and tell the full story behind these sinister pepper pots from the planet Skaro.”

Clearly, Lewis-Smith is a big fan, and he has lots of history to draw from when focusing on the Daleks: first appearing in the very first season of ‘Doctor Who’ way back in 1963, the mutant-robot hybrids have been a thorn in the side of every incarnation of the Doctor, with no apparent end in sight.  Lewis-Smith also has a lovely little promotional video for the project, which highlights some of the stranger things the Daleks have done in their 50-plus year history, including being involved in a near-miss musical and an adult film:

For all of these weird reasons and more, we certainly hope ‘The Undiscovered Daleks’ gets made!  Click here to check out the crowdfunding page for more information and to join the cause.