Ever since word of a Bumblebee Transformers movie first came about there have been rumors that it would be a period piece and now we’ve learned that it is true and when it will take place! We’ll be journeying way back to the era of the 1980s where cell phones had yet to be invented and cassette tapes were the standard for music. The one thing I’m hoping is that Soundwave will be in full tapedeck form within the film and have some of his tapes by smaller transformers as well.

This prequel will be directed by Travis Knight (‘Kubo and the Two Strings’) and stars Hailee Steinfeld (‘Edge of Seventeen’) who was initially described as “a tomboy who also holds a job as a mechanic after school.” We will likely see the Transformer in car form looking much as he did in the initial Michael Bay film though not quite as beat up as he did there.

The tone of the film will be lighter with a younger target audience which makes sense as Bumblebee has always resonated with kids. There will be fewer Autobots and Decepticons at play, and it is unclear if we’ll see some of the classics from the 1980s cartoon show making appearances and looking more like the robots that fans of the original series grew up with.

Honestly, the tone itself might be a huge selling point for those who loved the look and action from Bay’s films but felt that they fell flat on almost every other front. While Bay is still involved in the movie, he won’t be directing it so hopefully, Knight can bring about his vision of the character.

Source: Slash Film

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