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With the way Season 5 ended, with Oliver unsure if any of his loved ones survived the explosion on Lian Yu, it may seem a bit premature to start making story predictions for Season 6, but it seems some things are certain. Felicity it seems will survive the chaos, as it has been confirmed that the hacktivist group HELIX will be making a return in Season 6, and Team Arrow will be powerless to stop them without their own resident hacker.

Co-showrunner Wendy Mericle recently stated during an interview with TV Line that:

“Having bailed on Felicity — immediately after using her to find and free their founder, superhacker Cayden James — Helix’s status is very much a dangling thread, and we don’t like to leave those hanging around. It’d be a great, sort of built-in story for Felicity to revisit these people, who are very happy with her, let’s be honest. We left that open-ended on purpose, for sure.”

HELIX coming back opens up a lot of possibilities, as they will clearly be gunning for Lyla and ARGUS (since she held their founder captive for all that time), and since they know the identities of Team Arrow, they could prove very problematic for our heroes. Of course, they are not all bad either, so they could also prove to be unlikely allies for the Quiver Crew, riding a gray area that ‘Arrow’ has enjoyed playing with before. Regardless, it is nice to know with this development that Felicity and most likely Curtis will survive Lian Yu, as they are the primary opponents for HELIX, though you never know with ‘Arrow.’

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