avengers-9We’ve seen in a few instances of the “Secret Empire” event that Captain America is wielding Mjolnir even if he doesn’t have it full time but what does that mean for ‘Thor’? Well, writer Mark Waid won’t spill all of the secrets but he does have a few clues as to what is going on with the Goddess of Thunder which will be revaled in ‘Avengers’ #9.

It seems that Thor has been sent to another planet without her trusty hammer and my money is on Steve Rogers being behind it. Only, the biggest problem here is that without Mjolnir we’ll only see Jane Foster keep her powers for a limited time and that time is running out!

A cancer-ridden human is no match for an alien world, and Waid is going to be giving us a tense situation for our already overworked Goddess with artist Mike Del Mundo delivering what looks to be a solid book!

So what can we look forward to in the title? According to Waid:

“It has a very sort of Hobbit, Lord of the Rings feel to it. There is a device that perhaps could send her back home but it is far across the land.

There are beasts that she’s never seen before that can’t just be felled by one punch, there are all sorts of environmental hazards along the way, there is air you can’t breath, there are sandstorms and lighting storms, unlike anything we’ve seen.”

At this time, she’s going to be fully on her own in this race against the clock from turning back into a mortal as:

“The Avengers are a little bit busy with the Captain America situation, so I know they know she’s gone because Cap has the hammer, but I don’t think they have any idea where she went, and there’s no way to track her.

If she turns back into Jane Foster, then she’s definitely stuck because she has no ability other than just basic human ability.”

In a world where some areas have no atmosphere, and the monsters are giving Thor’s strength a run for her money this just isn’t a good situation.

‘Avengers’ #9 will let us know what happened to Thor on July 5th, 2017!

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