Kick-Ass was one of those comics I missed the first time around, but luckily through the power of the digital comic book  I was able to get caught up. Of course, I didn’t catch up until after I had seen the movie.

I think seeing the movie first gave me a good insight to the comic, and I loved it even more than I would have, had I seen it in the order intended. Kick-Ass 2 will not repeat history.

Dave Lizewski is living out his dream as a superhero… but he’s not the only one. This is the premise for Kick-Ass 2. After the events in the original series, Kick-Ass has inspired an entire generation of “Super” heroes, taking up the fight for justice.

I love, love love Mark Millar’s heroes from the new superhero team straight off the “Island of Misfit Heroes”. They have names like Colonel Stars, Lieutenant Stripes, Night-Bitch, Insect-Man, Battle-Guy and the dynamic duo of Remembering Tommy. Each with fantastic tale of why they have forgone “The System” and have taken the fight for justice to the streets themselves. Well all except Battle-Guy (aka Dave’s High School buddy Marty Eisenberg). The hero team up comes courtesy of Red Mist’s only League of Evil Twitter Followers. While the heroes are out doing good, the villains lie in wait of their leader’s order to unleash heck agains society.

I know what you are asking yourself, “Friendly neighborhood comic book reviewer… Where is Hit Girl?”

Well, everybody’s favorite heroic foul mouthed little killer is on the shelf. Why? Well she’s made a promise to her guardian Marcus to keep away from the world of tights and fights. However, if you remember from issue #1 she totally got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, or arsenal if you prefer.

I’m guessing you can tell I’m a big fan of this book. Millar and Romita Jr. have stuck up a perfect cord of violence and justice with just a hint of sadness. Romita Jr.’s art is the perfect fit for this dirty imperfect world of the “superless” superhero. If you were a fan of the original series, the movie or just a good story, make sure to check out Kick-Ass 2 (be happy it doesn’t have a subtitle like ‘Kick-Ass 2: Kick-Asser’, or something like that, and yes I know Kick-Ass 2 the theatrical version will be called Balls Out and I’m ok with that).