We previously had heard that director David Lynch kept the plot of ‘Twin Peaksa secret by not letting anyone read the entire script and now the cast and crew are expanding on that. Previously Lynch had stated that “There isn’t really a need to have everybody read the whole script. So they get their scenes. And when we work together, they ask many questions, and they get answers. People get what they need, too” and while that is supported here, there was a bit moto it as well. Kyle MacLachlan was the only cast member who was able to read the entire script in advance and even he wasn’t able to check out any of the footage until the premiere.

According to Richard Chamberlain who plays Bill Kennedy on the show:

“You had to sign a thing that said if you reveal one tiny fact about this whole experience, you get sued for a million dollars. It’s true; you could only read your scene. When you were finished with a day’s work, you had to turn in your script, which was just the few pages that you were in.”

While I’m not sure exactly how enforceable that million dollars would have been in a court of law, I doubt anyone would have wanted to find out. The NDA was so extensive though you couldn’t even talk about your role with your family. Not just family but family who was also cast in the series! Christopher Murray is in a couple of episodes as a police officer and his father Don Murray was cast as well:

“When I found out my dad got cast, I called the casting director and I said, can I even talk to dad about it? And she said yes, because you signed the same NDA, but you can’t talk about your scenes.

Amy Shiels was a bit surprised on the length of not being able to tell her family as well because:

It was hard not telling my family. I think they’d thought I’d done a Pretty Woman on ’em or something like I’d moved to LA and I was making money, and I was working, but I wasn’t quite telling them what.”

Laura Dern agreed that she had to wear “many a cloak” when it came to working on the show and that it was her “number one wardrobe.”

Adele Rene wasn’t even given her script ahead of time which tossed some of her preparation out of the window:

“There were names that I had to use in the script that of course, as an actor, I had memorized and then when I got to set, I was informed that the names I was actually going to use when filming were different.”

While promotional shots showed Mädchen Amick in her classic waitress uniform, this wasn’t something the cast new back when the show was filming as she stated:

“People tried snapping a picture, so we tried covering what I was wearing when I was heading to set with a robe, like a big pink fuzzy robe. Kinda wasn’t the best choice, like I stood out like a sore thumb.”

The cast is going to be in just as much of a surprise as to what happens as we’ll be and most likely will be eagerly tuning in each Sunday to see what happens next.

Have you been enjoying the ‘Twin Peaks’ revival so far? What do you think about Lynch’s system for keeping the show a secret? Share your thoughts below!

‘Twin Peaks’ is already airing and new episodes drop on Showtime on Sundays at 9 p.m.!

Source: E! Online

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