Wes Craven (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,”Scream‘) has his eyes on bringing the soon to be released horror themed science fiction comic series ‘The Disciples’ to the small screen. ‘The Disciples’ should be making a big splash soon as it was written by ‘30 Days of Night‘ writer Steve Niles with art by Christopher Mitten. The comic is a four-issue miniseries being released by Black Mask Studio this May 27th. At this time, there are no writers or directors attached to the series. Craven will be partnering with Niles and Sara Bottfeld of Industry Entertainment as well as Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz from Black Mask as Executive Producers. Universal Cable Productions is currently in negotiations to pick up the rights for ‘The Disciples.’They’ve been responsible for such genre shows as ‘Being Human‘ and ‘Defiance‘ for Syfy.

The series has been briefly described as “a sci-fi horror story set in space.” From what we’ve been able to piece together is that ‘The Disciples’ follows a team of private eyes who work in space that have been tasked to find a girl. The girl in question has run off to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede in order to join a cult.

Sounds like just the kind of crazy I can get behind and with it being written initially by Niles and having both his and Craven’s guiding hands behind it, I’m hoping for something fun to watch as well. Cults are a freaky concept to begin with and when you stick them in space and add some of the masters of horror behind it, you just leave me waiting impatiently in anticipation. This won’t be Craven and Niles first collaboration either as they previously worked on the graphic novel ‘Coming of Rage.’

What are your thoughts from the early details on ‘The Disciples’? Do you think this has enough in it to go from a 4 episode miniseries into a full fledged series or should it have a miniseries or single season run in mind? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter