Issue 4 of Love and Capes: Ever After brings us taxes, meeting parents, and shopping. No, these are not the typical activities you find in the pages of a comic book; that is why Love and Capes is special. And I mean special in a complimentary way. Mark is in the middle of tax season, and it’s a stressful time of year for accountants. Even if they happen to be superheroes. As the stack of destroyed keyboards by his desk suggests, he utilizes his super speed to get through the pile faster. Meanwhile, Abby gets involved in the local Merchant Association and gives Amazonia advice about meeting Darkblade’s parents, including helping Amazonia find less revealing attire.This issue examines something that busy couples face – making time for each other. Mark and Abby actually needed help from Abby’s sister to get back on track. The more interesting part of the story for me was learning some of Darkblade’s backstory. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but you see that he has vulnerabilities. It’s reassuring to know that even superheroes have soft spots.

Thom Zahler’s ‘Love and Capes: Ever After’ keeps delivering laughter, layered characters, and sweet moments. Though I like Mark and Abby, I’m enjoying seeing pages devoted to the rest of the cast. Maybe Darkblade and Amazonia will get their own spin-off story one day.