‘Doctor Who’ is about to go through some massive changes. As each new episode premieres, we get closer and closer to some major players on Team TARDIS moving on. In early 2016, Steven Moffat announced that he would be stepping down as the executive producer and head writer for the long-running British sci-fi series following the current season after holding the position since 2008. Almost exactly a year later, the Twelfth Doctor himself indicated that regeneration was in his future as Peter Capaldi announced that he would be leaving the series as well. Now, yet another integral part of the Doctor’s most recent adventures has decided that their time has also come to an end.

During a recent interview with Radio Times, Michelle Gomez revealed that she would be departing ‘Doctor Who’ alongside Moffat and Capaldi upon the completion of season ten. With other essential elements of her experience on the show moving on, the actress states that she too is looking forward to the next chapter of her career:

“My pals are going so I’m going. Everybody’s leaving, so I’m going too. I mean, what would I do without Peter and Steven? Who would I be? Nah, it’s done now. It’s over. It’s the end of a chapter.”

Although, the Scottish star’s time on the show isn’t completely in her rearview mirror just yet. While looking back on her experience, Gomez shared a number of things that she’ll miss about playing the mischievous Missy:

“[I’ll miss] the fact that it was probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had,” she told us. “The fact that I’m a woman of a certain age who’s this ass-kicking action figure. I won’t miss the corset because that was agony, and I’m a woman that likes a big lunch. And that’s not fun to wear after you’ve had two helpings and dessert. So I won’t miss that. But I’ll miss the amazing, wonderful, incredible Peter Capaldi, who I think is one of the best Doctors we’ve ever had. I’ll miss somebody like Steven Moffat writing me the best lines I’ve ever had in my career… Yeah, I’m gonna miss a lot about that job. It was a great job.”

Are you disappointed that Michelle Gomez has decided to leave ‘Doctor Who’ along with Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi? Will you miss Missy causing trouble for The Doctor? What are some of your favorite Missy moments? And do you think that we’ll see even more departures before Chris Chibnall takes over for season eleven? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.

‘Doctor Who’ starring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas airs on BBC America at 9:00 pm EST.

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